Featured Project: UMB School of Pharmacy, Atrium

One of the most exciting parts of being involved in many different projects is seeing the final outcome after months of planning and working together. JBC believes that teamwork leads to successful projects from start to finish, and the School of Pharmacy, Atrium at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) is no exception.

This project consisted of alterations to approximately 800 square feet. The existing space was enclosed and re-purposed as a multi-purpose innovation space for use by the School’s Pharmapreneur initiative. Work included new all-glass walls, structural steel supports, new air devices, lighting, reconfiguration of sprinkler heads, new power and data utilities, acoustic wall panels, and more. Our team members, Kevin P., Julie G., and Carlos G., represented JBC on this project. We interviewed Julie to get more details about the work done at UMB.

What did you enjoy about the project? 

“The finished product was definitely my favorite part because of how nice everything looks. The storefront glass surrounding the space makes it visually appealing. I always enjoy seeing a two-dimensional drawing transform into a 3D space.”

What was the main goal of the project?

“UMB had the idea to transform this existing, empty space into something useful and more attractive in the building’s main entry. There was already glass features in the building, so the design carried that influence throughout to match the building’s aesthetic. The room will be used for meetings and is equipped with the features and technologies required for people to more effectively interact in a group setting, both locally and remotely.”

Is there a unique aspect of this project when compared to others you’ve been involved in?

“The location of the Atrium makes it unique. This is one of the first spaces visitors see when entering the School of Pharmacy building, and can be seen from several other locations within the building. During construction, students and others passing by were able to sneak a peek at the construction taking place simply due to the openness of the area and visibility of the glass.”

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